Major fix: I just realized I accidently set the start scene for my improved version to Wall1 instead of the start menu. Not only does this skip the intro, but there is also no music since that's activated in the start menu, so I'm uploading an "improved" version a little sooner than I expected. The changes are not much beyond the knife not being in the inventory by default and a few description changes. Still planning on a proper finished version within the next couple months.

One day, while having lunch at the lab, an accident with a mysterious substance causes the physics of the lab to go haywire. Navigate the lab and escape!

This game was made for GoedWare Jam for the theme broken physics. It was easier to think of random crazy physics than puzzles to do with them, so the game came out pretty short and the paltry inventory is already gathered.

I did include two Easter eggs; one reference and one reference + secret ending.




Author: ThePixel


Vintage Office Interiors

Author: YuriNikolai

Pixel Item Tree

Author: SocialSide

Pixel Office chairs

Author: iletzy

Inventory Empty

Author: ELV

Development log


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Found the secret easter egg (not going to spoil - but yeah, kind of stumbled on it when trying to figure out how the game worked).  Pretty short, but cool proof of concept. Good job!

That's great. With so few things to do, the Easter egg is probably not as hard to find as it could be, but I guess that means more people can enjoy it :)


Nice short game, got some references you threw in there too (love Steins Gate).

I noticed that changing scene back to the original one restarts the main music theme, without stopping the previously started one though, so you end up having multiple overlapped themes that play together...

I still enjoyed the game though, especially liked the pixel art and the music!

If you can, you should also add other interactions between item in the inventory and items in the scene to make it even more fun :D


So glad someone found the easter egg :)

I noticed the music looping after upload too, but by then it was too close to the deadline to do anything. I'll have to do some testing to figure out why it is doing that, since setting the music event to trigger once at the beginning of the scene is supposed to prevent that. I would have loved to add more items and interactions, and have even thought of a couple I would like to implement after the jam, though my first step will be tweaking the code so it is not possible to select multiple inventory items at once XD

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Figured out what was up with the looping music. The default for the program is to stop music and sounds if you move to another scene. I unchecked this option so the BGM would not stop when the player tried to move to another area. My mistake was setting the play music event in the first area of the room as opposed to at the end of the intro, because every time the player goes back there, it starts the music an additional time :O