GoedWare Devlog/GDevelop inventory tutorial (sort of)

Going into GoedWare Jam, I had a general idea I wanted to make an escape game. I have made quite a few, enjoy making them and was in the process of switching from Wick Editor to Gdevelop and wanted to work on perfecting inventories. My premise for the game came almost immediately: a lab in which an accident with a scientific substance causes the physics of the room to go haywire. Glasses of water on fire, microwaves that uncook food, etc.. It was easy to think crazy physics, but a lot harder to think of puzzles to do with them, so the game came out short. However, I did make some progress with my desire to create an inventory with items selectable by clicking.

This was my second time trying to create an inventory in GDevelop. The first had been Dusty Desert Pyramid, another shorter, but more polished game with a fully working inventory. However, I had not liked that my method of creating it involved having to copy paste it into each scene, and double check the exact x-y position of each item to make sure they were all the same in each scene. I wished I could create something like I had with the template I found for Wick Editor – one inventory image that appears in each scene thanks to an extra long frame extending through all of them, but GDevelop is not frame based. 

Then I learned about GDevelop's external events and layouts and suddenly it was possible to have just one inventory that appears in every scene. Now that I could do that, there was one more thing I wanted to achieve: make my inventory items "look" selected. This was something I had never achieved in Wick, but GDevelop had a feature that made changing appearance much easier -- the outline effect. Now I just had figure out how to implement it. I knew global variables had helped before with GDevleop "knowing" whether or not the item was selected. I managed to achieve something similar with the outlines, but am still trying to get them to not be all selectable at the same time. I will update once I figure it out :)

(Final note. If you are curious about my experience and opinions on Wick Editor, here is another, much better devlog on it: https://kobato-games.itch.io/escape-a-clubhouse/devlog/588906/wowbring-out-your-...)


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Apologies if this devlog seems a bit rushed. The jam I was in had a devlog deadline that I barely made. I had been hoping to better discuss my steps in GDevelop, as well as the general internal workings of PAC inventories, but guess that got more complicated than I could handle. I do hope to fix and fill this out at some point, since it might be useful to others designing PAC inventories.