Minor Post-jam Updates

Added some minor post jam fixes and updates. There's still more to fix and a lot more that needs to be filled in for the game to be completed, but it's better than the first jam version.

  • Fixed the music restarting every time you change scenes
  • Made it so that multiple inventory items cannot be selected at once
  • Added an animation to the move arrows
  • Altered the billboard message so that it does not directly tell the user to use the knife
  • Added a message for clicking the door (which I can't believe I missed the first time)
  • Some other minor tweaks to messages and visuals

What's left to do. Firstly, I need to make the inventory items invisible and inactive until after they are picked up. GDevelop does have built in inventory code, which I am going to look into for this. Once that's done, I need to add some more areas, inventory items and puzzles to solve.

Thanks to GoedWare for creating this jam and everyone who commented and gave feedback on the game :)


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Oct 08, 2023

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