Short, silly VN in which magic student Airi is given a test by her forgetful magic teacher to pick the potion bottle that will get her over the gorge. 

The game has 4 zany endings and was originally made for Mini Jam # 8 (Theme: Magic; Special item: Bottle) and miraculously "finished" in 1.5 days. However, I worried the plot was silly and it really needed some polishing. So I decided that instead of submitting it to Mini Jam, I would polish it up and submit it to NanoReNo in place of the barely started game I had been working on first.  I feel like I could have done a better plot, but this is what I got. 

Credits below:


Jazz (flute)

Author: Pro Sensory/Alex McCulloch

happy bgm (piano,violin,flute,drums)

Author: syncopika

Snare-tip (random audio I made years ago)


Cartoonish sound for throwing things

Author: copyc4t

Looney Tunes style intro: guitar slide up

Author: copyc4t


Author: BMacZero

splash sound 

Blender Foundation, Lamoot

Spell 4

Author: Bart Kelsey


Author: bart

8-bit Platformer SFX commissioned by Mark McCorkle for ( )

Ta da

Mike Koenig


Characters: designed with the Carat genesis character ganerator

Point and click menu derived from Zeil's sample code

Blue bottle

Author: 1up indie, all other colors edits by me


Author: Glondo


Author: ryan.dansie

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorKobato Games
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure, Interactive Fiction
TagsAnime, Funny, Magic, Multiple Endings, Point & Click, Short


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I really enjoyed this game:))

It's humorous and super short.

The music after the main menu track is kind of annoying, though...

Thanks! I had always been a little embarrassed about this game and shoved it to the end of my published games list. Glad to know you enjoyed it. (My personal favorite was the red potion ending.)

I recently published another short VN for the 3 hour jam that inexplicably seems to have been pretty well liked (perhaps that's even how you found this one). Any if you liked this one, you might like it too.


Super cute story, I enjoyed all 4 endings. Keep up the good work