You are a young wizard who encountered the mythical monster that can only be defeated by the fifth element. Only problem is you were told all your life that there is no fifth element. After consulting your mentor, you are told the one person who might know it's identity is the oracle. However, the oracle does not like to be disturbed and one misstep along the way could be fatal.

I made this game in three hours for Trijam 3 Hour Jam for the theme 5th element. This is the final version. See dev log for list of changes.



"Crystal Cave + Mysterious Ambience (seamless loop)"

Author: cynicmusic, (Submitted by congusbongus)

8 bit teleport

Author: diego200052


Shelves3, Workshop1

Author: Lornn

Dune 1, Dune Cave 1

Author: Lornn

Birch 2, Cave, Clearing 1, Clearing 6, Cottage Interior 1, Fields 1 Mist 4

Author: Lornn

Mob Old Man Green, Mob Old Man Red


Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorKobato Games
GenreAdventure, Visual Novel
TagsFantasy, Magic, Meaningful Choices, Monsters, Narrative, Short, storygame, Story Rich, Wizards

Development log


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its just a story

still cool though

It is an adventure game. 

then where are the options?


It is from a game jam so the developer didn't have sufficient time or experience to make a more elaborate game, however it fits the adventure game genre in which the player assumes the role of a protagonist in an interactive story driven by exploration.   The "options" are the choices you make to guide the character on it's path.   The developer could have made it rogue-like by having wrong choices result in perma-death but opted for a more generous "return to start".   

then where are the options?

I've updated the game since the three hour jam. I finished the "maze" that the original version had the player get teleported through and I added dialogue choices for the wizard and oracle. The first version was a kinetic visual novel, which is technically a game, though there is some debate.


sorry, but this isnt a game