You dosed off in the OpenGameArt Gallery and woke up to find the door locked. You know the drill...

This is a short escape game made for OpenGameArt Fall Jam for the theme gourds. OpenGameArt/OGA is a site where anyone can share open source game assets. I have no affiliation with the site beyond a small user account. This was just a fun way to fit the jam requirements of using OGA assets while spotlighting some of my favorite assets from the site.

I had a busy schedule and a long bout of writer's block, so I did not start on this game until the last few days of the jam and threw it together a lot quicker than most of my escape games. I had been wanting to try something different with my escape games and since I was short on time, I decided to experiment with an inventoryless game with everything set up to be unlocked by combinations or buttons as opposed to items. Here's hoping this system ended up with the right level of challenge without being impossible or glitchy :)


Point and click room template

Modifications were made

Author: crazyduckgames

Neon City

Author: hallos

Old wood frame

Creator:Charles CFandM


Author: SpiderDave

Asian Mountain Forest BG

Author: Crisisworks

Source game:


Oil painting landscape Cold Mountain

Author: JAP

Mountain at Dusk Background

Author: ansimuz

LPC: Interior Castle Tiles

Author: Sharm (Lanea Zimmerman)

Liberated Pixel Cup (LPC) Base Assets (sprites & map tiles)

Submitted by bart, created by Leana "Sharm" Zimmerman and Stephen "Redshrike" Challener. More detailed credits at link

Frame Photo Frame Transparent Background Template

Author: Doodlebug

Fall Gourd Icons

Author: Justin Nichol

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorKobato Games
GenreAdventure, Puzzle, Simulation
Tags2D, artgame, Escape Game, Exploration, Point & Click, Short

Development log


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Forgot to add a quick walkthrough for anyone who might be stuck:

In the front entry is a plaque that tells you the names of each Wing, save for Wing 3 which is rubbed out.

1: Buttons. The front entry, Wing 1 and Wing 3 each have a small gray button on the wall. You have to activate them in just the right order to cause a piece of paper with a clue to appear. The order is meant to be found by trial and error as opposed to a hidden message. The order is Wing 1, entry, Wing 3.

2: Lockbox. In Wing 2, is a lockbox with a color code. The code is the colors of the pumpkin in squashes in the painting in Wing 3. Orange, purple, green, yellow.

3: Exit. After pressing the buttons, a message telling you the code is the first letter of each word is revealed. The words are the subject of each wing. The first 2 are shown on the plaque, though third is hidden in the lockbox which contains a flier about the OpenGameArt Jam theme, gourds. This is implied to be the name of the third wing. Go to the code lock by the front door and enter the first letter of each wing: MLG. Click "ent" and click the doors to leave.


thank you, i was lil stuck cause i didnt know which "first letters" it was talking about (you made a mistake btw the password was MLG not MLT)

good game! nice puzzles

Glad I was able to help and thanks so much for catching that error. I had worried I might have been typing too fast.