Updates and Thank you!

Hi. Just want to thank everyone who played this little escape game. I did not expect it to be played half as much as it did. In just three days, it became my second most viewed game. Now that the jam is over, I am finally uploading some minor and much needed updates.

  1. FIXED THE SWAPPED TITLES AND AUTHORS IN THE LCP ROOM. (I still can't believe I missed that until now!)
  2. New menu image! In my first draft of the game, I only had so much time, so I just used a basic blue background for the menu and ending screens and thought I would leave it that way. However, I found a really good animated pixel city image on OGA that I felt fit the location.
  3. Added a mute button (sort of). The software I used, Wick Editor, does not let you do much for music beyond playing and stopping and it was nearly impossible to trick it into looping and I have yet to find a way to restart the loop after stopping. So I added a "permanent" mute button in the form of a music note at the bottom of the screen. It gives a warning the first time you click it and the second click mutes the music until a browser refresh.
  4. Added a flyer in the front entrance announcing the upcoming OpenGameArt Fall Jam as a sort of foreshadowing of finding the theme in the lockbox. This was something I had intended to do when I first made the game, though it slipped my mind.
  5. Changed the gray backgrounds behind the code boxes to a darker shade of gray so the white text is more visible. I liked the lighter gray better, but white text works best on the rest of the backgrounds.
  6. Fixed a minor typo on the paper in the 3rd wing.

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