While staying in your lakehouse, you left a key in a pot overnight. A sudden freeze left it frozen in the pot and you locked inside the lakehouse. 

This is a short game with 3 endings. I made the game in Wick Editor, a free Flash-like software still under development. As of Christmas 2022, I was finally able to add a restart button, but using it causes the music to loop over itself. If the looping gets annoying, you can mute the music by clicking the musical note or refresh your browser to cancel the looping. (See Devlog for more details.)

This game was made for Open Game Art Winter Jam 2022 for the theme old things being exposed by melting ice. My first idea was an RPG about characters exploring the artic in an ancient sailing ship from they found under the ice. However with one week left, I had barely finished the beginning, so I decided to make a short escape game using the RPG assets I had on hand. This required me to quadruple the size of the original assets, which came out a lot better than I expected they would, though some are slightly pixelated.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the game.

Update: Fixed an inventory item that was not displaying. 

Update: I included the credits in game, but decided to include them in the description too. Any asset not mentioned was either a public domain asset I had on hand or drawn directly in Wick Editor.

Music - 

Through The Universe

Author: vitalezzz

Copyright/Attribution Notice: Vitalezzz - Through The Universe


Splitting Wood

Author: Mike Koenig


boiling water loops

Author: TinyWorlds


Graphics -

Axe Survival Tool

Author: bevouliin.com


Frozen Lake (Modifications were made)

Author: MouthlessGames

Copyright/Attribution Notice: "Christian DeTamble - http://therefactory.bplaced.net"

Floor ([LPC] Wooden ship tiles) (Modifications were made)

Author: Reemax

Copyright/Attribution Notice: Wooden ship tiles by Tuomo Untinen


Table, Sofa, Fireplace, Vase/rose

Author: Sharm

Attribution Instructions: Please credit Lanea Zimmerman


Painting frame (Modifications were made)

Author: Sharm

Attribution Instructions: Please credit Lanea Zimmerman


Wall (Originally a bridge) (Modifications were made)

Author: Possibly a rework of Sharm. Source not clear.


Bed + boiling pot (Modifications were made)

Author: Sharm (Submitted by William.Thompsonj)


Window + Door

Author: bluecarrot16


Copyright/Attribution Notice: "LPC Thatched-roof Cottage" by bluecarrot16. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0 / GPL 3.0+ Based on: "LPC Base Assets" by Lanea Zimmerman (AKA Sharm) and Daniel Armstrong  (AKA  HughSpectrum)

Wooden frame (Modifications were made)

CREATOR ID: 9664c4


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AuthorKobato Games
GenreAdventure, Interactive Fiction, Puzzle, Simulation
Tags2D, Escape Game, Multiple Endings, Point & Click, Short


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A triangle room, with only three walls... interesting.

The fourth wall was probably boring -- or maybe it got broken :)


I was just reminded the importance of walkthroughs, so I am adding one to the reply if anyone needs one.


Brute force ending

Click the axe over the fireplace, click yes, click the front door.

Patient/normal ending

Look at the painting in the living room, click the bottom drawer in the bedroom, click the colored buttons in the same order as the bars on the painting, click the pot, click yes, click the front door.

Secret ending

Go in the bedroom, click the window, click the window a second time to open it, then click it a third time to climb out. (Note, if you leave the room when the window is open, it will close and have to be reopened.)