Some updates & Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I finally added a restart button and minor updates and edits to Frozen Key. Most of the issues were minor, like the start button still clicking if you mouse over where it was after I made it invisible so the intro window could come up. Makes me really glad I learned to put the intro on a separate frame in later games, but shifting everything over in an already completed game would have lead to too many potential glitches.

The one issue I was never able resolve is that when you restart the game, the music sounds like it is restarting over the top of the old track. I tried to fix it, but I am not even sure why it is doing it. Wick Editor does not give you much in the way of sound control beyond "play" and "stop". I only got it to loop by making the music note a looping two frame clip with each frame being the length of the entire song. If the music gets annoying, you can mute it by clicking the music note or refresh your browser to cancel the looping.

List of changes:

  • Finally added a restart button, though using it will cause the music to loop over itself 
  • Fixed the phantom start button clicks and the credit button taking you to the credits when it should have been hidden/deactivated
  • Tweaked the animation of the boiling pot to be a bit slower & fixed the order of its frame animation (two frames had been interchanged)
  • Changed the wording of the abstract painting to be slightly less obvious
  • Added a mountain painting above the bed since the area looked empty.

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