Your boat sunk and you washed up on Lighthouse Island. Your phone was in a waterproof container, so you try to call for help, but have no cell connection. Fortunately, you should be able to get connection on top of the lighthouse -- if you can get there...

This game was originally made for Lost Relic Jam for the theme Connection. However, I missed the deadline by two minutes and after looking back through decided it really had not been ready anyway.  Then I found Improve My Game Jam and felt it was the perfect opportunity to fix it up and am satisfied with the results. More info can be found in the game's jam devlog. 

(If you get stuck, I am adding a walkthrough in the comments.)

Credits below. Anything  not mentioned was drawn by me directly in Wick Editor.


Swimming Fever

Author: Pro Sensory (Alex McCulloch)


2D Forest Background

Moon Fairy

beach, ocean



Grassy Field Background


wooden sign

Wooden Sign Game Decoration


Wooden Box 2D (modifications made)

Author: Alucard

Rope in a butterfly coil

CC0 Hammer Icon

Author: AntumDeluge and OpenClipart

Smartphone - Tablet Black And White Free Clipart Icon

by schoolfreeware


Stylized Flame Vector Icons

Author: Darkvinter


Connection on Lighthouse

Development log


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Walkthrough below:

Go left down beach. Take magnifying glass next to crate.

Go right. Go towards water. Click bottle, read message. Go back.

Go right. Take metal.

Go right to lighthouse. Go straight to woods.

Go left. Take hammer from under tree. Go back.

Go right. Click rock at left middle. Take metal. Go right.

Take log. Go back to lighthouse.

Click left to go to lighthouse door. Click loose brick. You can break it with the hammer and get the third metal. 

Go back to the beach. Click the brown patch next to the sign. A fire should start.

Go left. Click the crate. It will open with the hammer. Take the rope.

Go back to the fire. You should get a finished grappling hook. Go to the lighthouse door, click the lighthouse to fling the grappling hook. Click the rope to climb to the top.

Congratulations! You have cell service.