Improve My Game Jam updates!

Hi. "Connection on Lighthouse Island" has needed some minor tweaks for a while now and I finally have gotten around to adding them for Improve My Game jam, coincidentally, the jam I first submitted it to. Some of these changes I made before I joined the jam, others during. One of my main goals was to make the fire spot more noticeable since a couple people had suggested that. My first thought was that I would place the log in it and have the player bring back dry grass from the woods instead, though I was having trouble finding or even making a dry grass asset that fit the game, so I ended up fixing the fire spot so that it is a "button" and has a faint outline. A complete list of updates is below.

  • Added sound effects for picking up objects, using the hammer, etc.. 
  • Fire spot now a "button" that the cursor turns into a hand when hovered over.
  • Increased the framerate per second, which seems to help the internal glitch of the cursor staying a hand after hovering over an item set to button.
  • Made it so that you don't have to pixel hunt to open the crate after finding the hammer. (I think I had the layers in the wrong order or something.)
  • Made the start menu buttons look nicer. Originally, they were supposed to turn bold when hovered over, but for some reason the bold text will not activate outside Wick, so I made them change color instead. Also set them to a bolder font.
  • Fixed some messages to fit better after action. For example, if you clicked the front of the crate after opening it, but before picking up the rope, it used to say "There's nothing left in the crate" despite the rope still being there. Now it says "Get the rope."
  • Other minor wording changes for some messages.
  • Adjusted music so it plays the track for the whole game instead of stopping and restarting after clicking the start button.

Well that's it for now. Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed this game and given suggestions on how to improve it :)

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