In the middle of a remote forest is a crater from a large meteor. The crater is said to contain many treasures in its walls, but also a mysterious force that saps a person's health away. While this can be combatted with health herbs, they could still be permanently depleted if their health gets too low. 

How low will you dare to go?

This game was made for Mini Jam 109: Theme depth, limitation health.

Update - stakes have increased! I wanted to make it so that if your health went below a certain level, you could not restore it (when your health value turns red), but a variable error was not allowing that ending to trigger. Fortunately I resolved the issue so whether or not you consume herbs can actually effect your ending now. 

I also fixed an error where consuming an herb above 45 health was automatically setting your health to 50, the original max health I used. Hope you enjoy the improved experience :)

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorKobato Games
GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure, Role Playing, Survival
Made withTwine
TagsExploration, Loot, Meaningful Choices, Short, storygame, Text based, Twine

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