You wake up on a space ship as an alternate version of yourself who's the captain of the ship. The only one who knows the truth is Intel-3k, the ship's android. Take on the roll of captain and use your resources wisely to get everyone back home and you back to your life.

This was made for GoedWare Jam #7 for the theme Alternate Reality and constraint Time is Power. Time is power is incorporated by the ships fuel being made from extracting the remaining life span of plants from the ship's conservatory. I had to cut this game short and leave out a lot features, so this is more of a demo/prototype than a full game.

Ended up adding some content to it for OGA Winter Jam, though it is still a long way from completion.

Quick note: the abbreviation lh on the which location buttons stand for light hour, or the distance travels in one hour. It also represents the travel time. I plan to change the default fuel unit to light days (ld) because I feel it is a better unit of time to be passing during travel.

Sound track:

Loading screen loop

Author: Brandon Morris




Science Officer

Author: Justin Nichol

Starship Security Officer

Author: Justin Nichol

The Husk- Human Analog Android

Author: Justin Nichol

Sci-Fi Background (modifications were made)

Author: hassekf


Author: Onsemeliot

Development log

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