Carl Chicken wandered into the Cursed Cave and found himself the victim of a very strange curse. Every 10 seconds his body changes into a plant and then back to a chicken. It makes traveling difficult, but the plant can absorb light from the energy stones to activate the Crystal of Curse Curing conveniently located in the same cave.

This game is made for Ludum Dare 51: Every 10 Seconds. I was working on another game over the weekend, so I did not get to add much complexity. Game play is probably 30-60 seconds max.


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This is a super cute game idea and it really fits the theme. It's a shame that there wasn't more gameplay because I would have definitely gotten into it but totally understandable since you were working on another game as well :) Love the idles hehe 

Glad you enjoyed the game. I am surprised how many people have expressed interest in more gameplay. Has made me start turning over the possibility of doing a post jam version with Carl Chicken being called by the developer due to his interest in finding a part in a better game, then, to his dismay, ending up back in that same cave, albeit, an improved cave with more gameplay and a shorter time as a plant. 

P.S. I got your jam link and left a rating and feedback on your game :)

For any Ludum Dare participants who found this through Itch and not the Ludum Dare site, here's the link to my rating page so you don't have to google.