A lord living his life in pampered luxury suddenly encounters the ghost of his grandfather telling him that in order to truly be a good person, he must do good things, such as donating his gold to the person in the old tavern with the most sincere story. 

This game was made for OGA Spring Jam for the theme Philanthropy and has 3 endings. I originally was trying to make a different game, but it was more complicated than I expected so I switched to a short Twine game on the last day of the jam. 

Update: As of 5/31/22, I finally was able to fix typos and rewrote some parts of the story. Nothing major, but hopefully an improved experience.

Edit: This game can be played in browser, but currently, you have to download the zipfile and open the .hmtl from your computer to be able to view the images. I initially uploaded the picture folder instead of the whole folder, so I am uploading the correct folder with the .html file and image folder.  The downloadable game should be playable now.

Credits (for the downloadable version)

Tavern background

Author: Nila122


Halloween Pixel Art Characters (with cute & creepy variants)

Author: davepickett


Thief portrait - Male

Author: Zeldyn

(Submitted by bart)


Priest portrait - Male

Author: Zeldyn

(Submitted by bart)


Portrait: Male Fighter

Author: Zeldyn

(Submitted by bart)


[Logo Splash Screens for OpenGameArt.org's Spring Game Jam 2022

By Scott Matott sXe

Released under CC-BY 3.0 License

Background: ramses2099


used under terms of CC0


Sara--Steps in the Right Direction: Redshrike


used under terms of CC-BY 3.0


Painted Sara: laetissima


used under terms of CC-BY 3.0


A package of 8-bit fonts for Grafx2 and Linux: usr_share

http://opengameart.org/content/a-package-of-8-bit-fonts-for-grafx2-and-linux used under terms of CC0



Tavern Philanthropy.zip 4 MB

Install instructions

To play, unzip the folder and open the html file.


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artwork is broken. i copied image link and was denied due to google cloud access issues.....

When I was testing, the images did not work in-browser -- only when the .html was downloaded to my computer.  I unthinkingly uploaded just the image folder and have now uploaded the full zipped folder. It should now show the images if you download the the zip and open the .html file on your computer.

Thank you so much for catching that.