While scrolling YouTube at bedtime, Sally watched a short clip from an old black and white found footage video of a forest. She falls asleep not long after, but wake up in a location that looks suspiciously like the forest in the video...

Controls: WASD or Arrows to move or SPACE, as an alternate jump key. Click to advance text. (Do not use SHIFT to jump, it is not fixed).

This was made for GDevelop Game Jam #2 for the theme pets/companion.  Credits can be found in the games description below.


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Forgot a link to the Liluo version: https://liluo.io/games/19a39a56-d1c3-454b-915e-a5e08a74c7b9

Glitches: Bird sometimes separated from Sally if you jump around the mountain too much. To get it back, jump up and touch it. No idea if or how to fix it code-wise though :(

Sally's character asset has too much transparent space, so she can appear to float at edges of blocks. This, I will be able to fix after the jam.

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Hi. Did not have time to add my credits to the game, so I am adding them to the description. Anything not mentioned is public domain.


Free Pixel Art Forest

Author: edermunizz



Melodic & gentle ambient music

Author: PetterTheSturgeon


Sound effect:

Pleasing Bell Sound Effect

Author: Spring Spring



Brown and Green Rock Game Ornaments

Author: bevouliin.com


Phoenix Logo


LPC Animated Castle Doors

Author: Daniel Armstrong (AKA HughSpectrum)(Submitted by Xenodora)


Bevouliin free Bee flappy bird sprite sheets

Author:  bevouliin.com