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What starts as a routine inventory gathering turns into something much more complicated when the citizens of Hero's village suddenly accuse him of robbing them blind and Hero's only hope of escape is to convince them this is an RPG game. The game is about 15-20 minutes long and has two endings.

This is an RPG parody I have worked on and off for 3 years and finally finished for the Going For Old Jam. It was made in Wolf RPG Editor, a free alternative to RPG Maker.

Controls: Arrow keys to move; Z, Space, or Enter to Confirm; X, Backspace, or ESC for Cancel/Menu.

(Old) Major Fix - after uploading the game, I tested the uploaded version on my computer and found out it had a path error. I figured out that was because I had an invalid character (a question mark) in my folder's name. Once I had that fixed, I found that the game insisted on being full screen, which the graphics were way too small for. I re-exported the game and it appears to be fixed. From my download statistics, I think it only affected the first two people to download the game, but I keep this up just in case.


Page Turn


Blue Dragon (Modifications were made)

Author: Xarius


Objects for 16x16 tilesets

Author:  Beast



RPGHeroOrThief.zip 6 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and open .exe


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The hero has learned the basic skill: Human Decency! 


He finally maxed out the most important stat :)