Two birds sit on a wire over looking a town. One bird feels an itch to leave, while the other is more hesitant. The game has some dialogue options, though there is only one ending. Story based on Regina Spektor's song "Two Birds on a Wire" which you can listen to here on her YouTube Channel. 

Note: to advance text, click or tap to advance, double tap anywhere outside the textbox to skip to the end of the current text.

Game was created for Mini Interactive Story Jam #2.5 which required participants to create a short story game in the app Spinoff.


Village in the valley (modifications were made)

Author: trulio

Furry RPG: Bird characters

Author: Spring Spring

Next to You

Author: Joth


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hi my friend i checked your game it was good ,I made a game too Alone Bird 

Hope you check it too GL.