Every wonder what might have happened in Aesop's class fable "Belling the Cat" if the mice had actually tried to bell the cat? Or what might happened if the crow gave up on getting water from the pitcher or the lamb had had the sense to run away from the wolf? That's exactly what this VN explores in those and two other fables. The original/"true" endings are present, but each fable also has at least one alternate ending. 

Art note: Only "The Crow and the Pitcher" and "The wolf in the Lamb" have all their sprite finished. The other fables currently just have one static image for the whole tale. I plan to update the art for these fables over time.

Fables based off the sources below.

The Fox and the Grapes: https://read.gov/aesop/005.html}https://read.gov/aesop/005.html

The Crow and the Pitcher: https://read.gov/aesop/012.html}https://read.gov/aesop/012.htmll

Belling the Cat: https://read.gov/aesop/003.html}https://read.gov/aesop/003.htmll

The Wolf and the Lamb: https://read.gov/aesop/063.html}https://read.gov/aesop/063.html

The Hare with Many Friends: https://www.taleswithmorals.com/aesop-fable-the-hare-with-many-friends.htm}https...

Music: "Medieval: Harvest Season" by RandomMind, https://opengameart.org/content/medieval-harvest-season

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