Short game about escaping a hotel made for Neo-Twiny Jam. The main rule was that we had to make a Twine game in at most 500 words, so it is very short and I had to cut more words than I would have liked to make 500. 

Adding a walking through in the comments in case anyone gets stuck.

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AuthorKobato Games
GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure, Puzzle
Made withTwine
TagsEscape Game, Exploration, Funny, Narrative, Short, storygame, Text based, Twine


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Go in bathroom, obtain room key.

Go into hall, examine plant and find new key, enter supply closet, get stair key.

Go downstairs. Examine curtain, end up with curtain.

Go back to room, open window, use curtain to escape.


"Obtain bag"? You mean "obtain key"?

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Thank you for catching that. I originally had the user pick up their bag from the bathroom, but decided a room key made more sense. I will see if I can fix that.