OGA Jam Update

Brief rundown of some updates I made a couple days ago:

This game was first released for the $600 Dungeon Crawler Jam earlier this month and was a bit rushed, so I decided to use OpenGameArt/OGA Jam as an opportunity to polish it. Many of the changes are just minor tweaks to dialogue, map layout, etc., though some are more notable. 

  • New music: All of the original music, except for the main dungeon BGM, were Wolf RPG Editor default tracks, which are decent tracks, but I wanted to use some more obscure OGA music to add more variety.
  • Title image: Originally was a random night sky image from Wolf's default assets and really needed something more fitting. I couldn't find anything on OGA, so I edited a cave background I found here on itch.
  • Footsteps -- I discovered the footstep plugin quite a while ago and finally got to try it out. If you listen carefully, you can hear solid footsteps on ground and splashes in water.
  • Gear upgrade chests added: I had had some ideas for additional gear that never made it to the first version, so I added them into distinctive gold gear chests/a recoloring of the default chests and placed them in the more isolated areas so that venturing down those tunnels rewards you with more than another healing potion.

There are still some things I want work on, like adding faces for the other three original heroes and removing more of the unused default assets so the file is smaller. At this point, I do not plan to make the game any longer, though some of the characters may appear again in future games...

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