Get Your Controls Back! -- post-jam tweaks

Post jam tweaks are finally finished. The two main things that irked me were the secret tunnel and the water. I threw the tunnel together pretty quickly and it definitely was in need of some tidying up, especially the parts that made it invisible at the beginning of the game.

As for the water, I had intended for a semi transparent water layer to be in front of the player, ladder, etc., but had it at the back while setting up the area and never remembered to bring it to the front. I don't think this ruined the game, but I much prefer it with the water over the top. For anyone curious about technical details, I actually used two water layers. A very transparent one in front and a more solid one behind all the objects, so that the character appears under water, but is still clearly visible.

Some other minor changes:

  • Extended a long ledge over the water by the tunnel
  • Added sound effect for the water
  • Fixed an error that allowed the character to fall out the top or back of the tunnel if you jumped

Get Get Your Controls Back!

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